About Gurmesh

Gurmesh Singh is the Member for Coffs Harbour in the NSW Parliament and Shadow Minister for Tourism, Emergency Services and the North Coast.

He is a third-generation Coffs local, raising two young children with his wife in the most beautiful part of NSW.

Gurmesh grew up in a farming family from Woolgoolga and is proud to have lived and worked on the North Coast. He attended Woolgoolga Public School and then graduated as Dux from Woolgoolga High School. After studying Industrial Design at UNSW, Gurmesh has previously worked as a businessman and farmer with experience in the tourism and marketing industries.

“The politics I represent is not about left or right, it is about the people of the Coffs Harbour electorate having access to the same services and the same opportunities as someone living elsewhere in the State. I’m your voice in Sydney and I’m proud we’re working together to build an even better community.”

What’s Important

I believe the people of the Coffs Coast deserve access to the services that people get in the city. I’m focused on fighting to make sure we get our fair share of jobs, road and school upgrades, infrastructure, and reduce the ever-rising cost-of-living.

I want to make sure that as our region grows, our smaller industries aren’t forgotten. I want to see less red-tape and taxes so small businesses can thrive whilst ensuring the Coffs Coast remains the premier region on the NSW North Coast.

I am passionate about representing you in Parliament.

The Coffs Harbour Electorate

Gurmesh Singh is the Member for Coffs Harbour in the NSW Parliament and a Temporary Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.